Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide services outside of the Seattle area?

Yes! Our team members are all over the country and all of our services are available virtually.

Do you provide in-person services?

When it is safe to do so, we absolutely can.

What if we only have a small budget?

We work with organizations of all sizes, including non-profits and small companies. We can customize a package that will meet your needs.

Which team member will work with me?

You will be assigned a relationship manager who will always remain consistent. Based on your needs, we will assign various team members with the right expertise to help you with your initiative or training.

What if I’m not sure what we need?

We’re here to help! We often come in and help conduct a needs assessment as well as help organizations prioritize and narrow their initiatives to create meaningful next steps.

We know we want training, but aren’t sure which, is that a problem?

Nope! One benefit of having each training customized is that you can purchase a number of trainings and we can help you decide what topic fits your needs as time goes on. Trainings or Project Management sessions never expire!

We want to provide a diversity presentation to our client, but want us to own the relationship, how does that work?

We regularly partner with firms or companies to provide training or resources to their clients. We let you remain the relationship manager and the face to the training. We will work together on messaging.

This is a lot of information, I’m not even sure where to begin:

No problem! Click the contact me, and we’ll set up a call to discuss. We can provide you a proposal with some recommendations!