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We’re in the business of providing diversity, equity, and inclusion resources to companies, organizations, and firms.

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We are in the business of helping organizations on equity and inclusion in the workplace. We elevate women and minorities who have been working in the diversity space. We are a group of professionals who understand the importance of maintaining a business while integrating and moving forward DEI initiatives. We provide customizable and modular solutions that meet any organizations budget and capacity.

Why Us?

We do not believe in simply providing training, materials with aggregated statistics, and speakers. Diversity means something different to every organization. We use a data-driven approach that is customized to your organization’s specific needs. We have a best in class team from various industries who are ready to provide a customizable first-in-class experience ranging from vendors and data analysts, to consultants, project managers, professors, attorneys, coaches, and experts in various industries and subject matters to provide a customizable experience to our clients. We dive deeply into your specific company culture and deliver the results you need, ensuring the outcomes you desire. We work with you to customize our approach and provide tools to translate your diversity initiatives into actionable, measurable, business goals. Whether you are just beginning your initiatives and need to know where to start, or have a great number of ideas but don’t have the capacity to move them forward, or you have a sophisticated DEI internal group to whom we can provide additional best practice resources and ideas — wherever you are, we can help. It is our job to set you up for success.



What People are Saying

Megan Lutes is the consummate professional. I have collaborated with her on a number of DEI projects and her knowledge, compassion and enthusiasm for the subject matter are contagious. Megan leads with her heart and gets her clients to think on a deeper level. I highly recommend Megan if you are looking to make meaningful change in your organization.

Robyn Frank

CEO & Founder of Frank Talk and VP Diversity & General Counsel for CenterForce USA

“40+ members of our D&I leadership team attended a session about “Belonging at Work” with Megan. The feedback from them was tremendous. Megan spoke to the head and the heart in an extremely meaningful way. All of us walked away with tangible actions we can take to create space for our colleagues to be their authentic selves. And just as important, there were interactive elements which helped our team see one another for who they truly are and not just the role they play. This was a great step toward us all becoming more human at work.”

Gary Hale

Diversity and Inclusion Program Manager, Parametric

Diversity University is a game-changer. Megan and her team of professionals are organized, knowledgeable, well-prepared and fully equipped to optimize your organization’s DEI efforts with an effective and fully customizable approach that produces measurable results. Their platform empowers your organization to take the guesswork out of addressing workplace fairness issues with data driven insights and strategic guidance. Their commitment to your company’s success comes from a genuine enthusiasm and dedication to creating a future free of workplace discrimination and bias. I highly recommend Diversity University as a vital part of your organization’s growth.

Genevieve Stoll

Managing Broker Windermere

 “The team at DU has been a great resource for us as we gather our bearings. They have and continue to provide us with innovative ideas and recommendations. They are quick to respond to our emails and urgent requests. We are grateful for their continued support.”

Diversity Committee

Envoy Global and Global Immigration Associates (GIA), PC

“In all of my interactions with Megan I have always found her to be extremely professional and passionate about her clients.  I remember during a session/presentation with one of our clients, she mentioned a story from a book called “The Person you Meant to Be” by Dolly Chugh which challenges readers to stand up for values and leading away from willful ignorance to willful awareness in the area of personal bias.  I was immediately inspired and challenged by Megan’s depth of knowledge and bravery to push clients to a new understanding of potential bias that might exist in their organization.  She is highly collaborative and accommodating, flexible, nimble and efficient. I would venture to say that any organization who engages with her would see immediate tangible results in the programs she would bring with her.”

Michelle Elam

Owner Inside Practice

“Megan is the epitome of a professional and fierce advocate. She has been a champion for diversity and equality throughout the entirety of her legal career. You can trust Megan and her team to make your needs a priority, provide you with clear direction, and unmatched benefit of her services.”

Jessica Holman Duthie

Partner at Holman Law

“Diversity University offers a crucial services to organizations. Megan and her team are amazing at adjusting their approach, customizing a strategy that works, and delivering results that exceed your expectations. They will find the right service and package that meets any organization’s needs. Using any other vendor would be a mistake!”


Melissa Fouty

Charge Nurse, Swedish Hospital

“Megan and her team were incredible partners in developing a tailored career development workshop and take-away materials for Microsoft’s Latinx and Hispanic legal professionals. At every turn, she was open and receptive to our input and that collaborative process resulted in a training that wowed our participants. Not only did Megan provide substantive material, but she wove in insights from Latinx leaders, highlights from our internal leadership, and experiences from our members. We truly appreciate Diversity University’s excellent work and look forward to working together again.”

Amal Topf

HOLA CELA Lead, Senior Attorney, Microsoft